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The 6th International Conference on Electrolytic Manganese w

2019-01-29 未知
On August 25, more than 80 delegates attending the 6th International Conference on Electrolytic Manganese visited Ningxia Yuanmanganese Industry Group, visited and inspected its electrolytic manganese products, production situation, technological process and wastewater treatment, and held discussions and exchanges. Vice President Gao Xuexiang, Zhou Jianhua and Li Jianzhong were accompanied by Chief Engineer Shen Tianhai and the relevant heads of the headquarters of administration, sales and operation.

GUANGXI DAMANGANG MANGANESE INDUSTRY GROUP CO., LTD., GUIZHOU TONGREN WULING MANGANESE INDUSTRY NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD., CHANGSHA HAIBEI MANGANESE INDUSTRY CO., LTD., Aktao KEBANG MANGANESE INDUSTRY MANGANESE INDUSTRY MANGANESS CO., LTD., JINGJIN ENVIRONMENTA Industry representatives, accompanied by the leadership of Ningxia Yuanmanganese Industry Group, have visited the chemical and filter workshop of the second manganese plant, 103 sewage treatment plant and the stripping workshop of the first electrolysis workshop of the third manganese plant, visited and inspected the production process and workshop layout of electrolytic manganese products, electrolytic manganese combination, pressure filtration, stripping, and so on, to understand the situation of wastewater treatment and reuse for production, and then boarded the sightseeing platform. Overview of Tianyuan Manganese Industry Park.

After the visit, Zhou Jianhua introduced the development of the Group in recent years to the representatives of participating enterprises at the "Symposium on Tianyuan Manganese Industry of the Sixth International Conference on Electrolytic Manganese" held by the Group Training Center. He said that Ningxia Yuanmanganese Industry Group is a professional, intensive and international large-scale enterprise group, is the world's largest electrolytic metal manganese production enterprises. Over the years, the Group has adhered to manganese as the main industry, to build a century-old enterprise as the development goal, and vigorously develop circular economy. After many reforms and upgrades, the industrial structure is more reasonable, the total economic volume is increasing, the comprehensive strength and market competitiveness are increasing, and the development pattern of "taking the real economy as the foundation, international trade as the driving force, and strategic emerging industries as the lead" has been constructed. In the process of continuous development and expansion, Tianyuan Manganese Industry Group has made remarkable achievements in comprehensive treatment and recycling of "three wastes" while increasing investment in environmental protection infrastructure construction and comprehensively improving the level of environmental treatment, in accordance with the requirements of "three simultaneous" construction of national projects. It has realized the non-discharge of wastewater recycling, the standard discharge of waste gas treatment and the harmlessness of waste residue. The goal of "turning waste into treasure". Tianyuan manganese Group actively responded to the national "one belt and one road" initiative, successfully acquired joint mining (CML) company, and had its own high-grade mine in Australia and Garner.


Zhou Jianhua said that Ningxia Yuanmanganese Group has the responsibility to stabilize and maintain the market environment of electrolytic metal manganese industry, and realize mutual benefit and win-win among enterprises. Tianyuan Manganese Industry Group has consistently adhered to the concept of high quality and green development. According to the general goal of "grasping environmental protection, reducing costs, increasing production capacity and increasing benefits", production, operation and income and expenditure have maintained a steady and progressive development trend.


It is reported that in order to seek more market opportunities, create more market space for enterprises and seize investment opportunities, the Sixth International Conference on Electrolytic Manganese, sponsored by China Ferroalloy Network and co-sponsored by Ningxia Yuanmanganese Industry Group Co., Ltd., was held in Yinchuan from August 23 to 25, 2018. The main form of the conference is "industry report, business exchange and factory visit". Manufacturers of electrolytic manganese products, trade enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises and enterprises of environmental protection equipment are invited to participate in the conference. Industry experts offer suggestions on the topics of "industry development, market research, trade cooperation" and visit Tianyuan Manganese Industry on the spot. (Zhang Xue understands Anxin)

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