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Diversified advantages - form a diversified development pattern based on entity, driven by trade, promoted by finance and led by strategic emerging industries. Take trade and finance as the escort of the real economy, which effectively guarantees the long-term and sustainable development of the company.
Scale advantage - as the company's leading product, electrolytic manganese has an annual capacity of 800,000 tons, accounting for about 40% of the industry's total production capacity. With a series of supporting products such as high carbon ferrochrome, high-silicon si-mn, it has become the absolute leading enterprise in the industry.
Technical Advantage - The company is the only electrolytic manufacturer that uses all imported high-grade manganese ore in China. The exclusive secondary leaching technology of high-grade manganese ore increases the recovery of manganese from 60% to 98%, improves the utilization rate of ore and saves the cost of ore.
The technology of manganese dioxide closed roasting and tail gas recovery to produce sulphuric acid developed by the company is the first in China, which solves the environmental protection problem of manganese dioxide roasting and diversifies the raw materials of electrolytic manganese metal production.
Advantage of industrial chain - A "one-stop" production mode has been formed, which produces and supplies all raw materials, auxiliary materials and electricity by itself and eventually outputs products, thus avoiding the impact of market fluctuation of raw and auxiliary materials on production.
Advantage of comprehensive utilization of resources - water, steam and slag produced in production are all recycled, which reduces the production cost and eliminates the pressure of environmental protection.
The advantages of green environmental protection - the company is a national green environmental protection demonstration enterprise, which has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company and the support of the national policy.
Resources Advantage - China is short of manganese resources, basic reserves are only about 200 million tons, accounting for about 2% of the global reserves, and the grade is low (10% - 15%) and impurities are large. Our company has high-grade manganese ore resources in Australia and Ghana (more than 30%) and has absolute advantages in ore resources.
Energy Advantage - At present, Ningxia's per capita electricity generation is the first in the country, with sufficient electricity, which guarantees the electricity demand of electrolytic manganese metal production, and the low cost of electricity makes the company have absolute advantage in power resources.
Policy Advantage - Manganese resources belong to the national strategic resources. The national policy supports the introduction of manganese ore.
Enjoy 15% Preferential Tax Rate of "Western Development"
Enjoy the preferential tax policy of "three exemptions, two halves" for attracting investment
Enjoy the preferential policies of "leading enterprises and key supporting enterprises in the autonomous region" in land, electricity prices and transportation
Climate Advantage - The company is located in the plateau, the climate is dry, reducing the degree of surface oxidation of electrolytic manganese metal sheets, ensuring the quality of electrolytic manganese metal, purity can be up to 99.8%.
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