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Ningxia Yuanmanganese Industry Group in Progress

Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a professional company, intensification, internationalized large enterprise groups, is the world's largest electrolytic manganese production enterprise, the market share is 40%. These years, the Group has adhered to manganese as the main industry, to build a century-old enterprise as the development goal, and vigorously develop circular economy. After many reforms and upgrades, the industrial structure is more rational, the total economic volume is increasing, the comprehensive strength and the market competitiveness are increasing. A development pattern based on real economy, driven by international trade and led by strategic emerging industries has been established, and manganese industry, energy and chemical industry, international trade, logistics transportation, financial services, overseas mines, emerging industries and real estate services eight major business sectors have been formed. It was awarded the "Excellent Environmental Protection Enterprise Award" by the United Nations


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Diversified advantages - form a diversified development pattern based on entity, driven by trade, promoted by finance and led by strategic emerging industries. Take trade and finance as the escort of the real economy, which effectively guarantees the long-term and sustainable development of the company.

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