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Manganese industry

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Manganese Industry Division

    The Manganese Industry Division of Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry Group is the main part of the group's real economy. It consists of Manganese Material Plant, Manganese Metal Plant Ⅰ , Manganese Metal Plant Ⅱ, Manganese Metal Plant Ⅲ, Sewage Treatment Plant, Ferric Nickel Plant, Cement Plant, Manganese Ingot Foundry Plant, Manganese Slag Treatment Plant, 330 kV Substation, Commercial Concrete Station and other enterprises. With the goal of strengthening and enlarging all products involving manganese, the upstream main raw materials and auxiliary materials are all self-supporting. The comprehensive utilization of water, gas, heat and slag resources and the full cycle of series of environmental protection involve manganese products with various varieties, types and complete supporting industrial chain and ecological chain development model, enhance the leading position in the international and domestic industries, and create a new business model of world manganese products supermarket.




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